Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Create Love and Lust in your Marriage

As a relationship coach I want you to notice the love and lust between a man and woman when they look at each other.  These two are amongst hundreds of people because Justin Trudeau just won the vote of becoming Canada's next Prime Minister.

For couples in long term relationships, it is so important to show each other love no matter where they are in life on the planet.  Pure commitment does not have to be work it can be natural and fun, the key is to not loose that connection. For more in depth reading look at my next blog post What are the Components of a Healthy Relationship?

Love is to have closeness and security.  Lust is to desire your partner while they're in their element of confidence. The balance for longevity comes from building and rebuilding the love and lust between the two of you.  When you show your partner you are vulnerable with them exclusively even in your proudest moment around hundreds of people and camera's you break all the rules and all the barriers of feeling like you can only be romantic when it's appropriate. Let your romance blossom where is it wants and you will hold the key to keeping your love life exciting and your partner wanting more of you.

Many people search for the loophole of wanting out of their relationships by having an affair or finding reasons to shut down their marriage because they compare,  thinking everyone else's relationship looks better.  The key to a fabulous deep and meaningful relationship is to create and recreate the intentions of keeping your partnership interesting, fun and flirty.

Here are the top 5 ways to keep your relationship hot:

1.  Commit to creating a passionate marriage with deliberate eye contact and kisses anywhere
2.  Go somewhere fun together once a month without the kids or friends and be flirty
3.  During the week of normality speak with meaning and permanence for the future
4.  Dress up, keep your look fresh, wear different clothes, stay respectful, say sorry if necessary
5.  Grow together not apart, be supportive, create weekly surprises to look forward to and most of all be the person that reacts purposefully from the heart.

You both can have accolades and attention from the entire world to enjoy but just remember to make your partner feel appreciated in that special way that only you two can understand.

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