Thursday, July 14, 2016

Love Yourself

Why do you feel like you’re not enough?

Lets crack that code:

Our inner critic controls everything by trying to please everyone, making sure everything is perfect which leads you to feeling stressed out.  Procrastinating about your desires will make you miserable and to distract yourself and feel safe you please others in the mean time which leaves you feeling empty.  You need to balance your goals with helping others.

For example you’re marriage or relationship is half exciting because no one respects the others choices so one reluctantly gives in to move along or your goals become a someday wish list or a forgotten idea but it’s not long before something reminds you of your desires and then  you go right back to into feeling like you’re not enough. Comes back to balance. Pay attention to what you want and make it happen.

Tip:  when you’re in a good mental state, I want you to write 5 fabulous things you Love about yourself and 5 Goals to achieve by the end of this month.  Put that List into a frame and hang it on the wall with a picture of yourself alone or with other important people.  Put it up in your closet, your washroom, on your deck....somewhere to remind yourself how your desires are important and find ways to get them accomplished. Celebrate your life while you are here and can.

You could do this for your kids, siblings or whoever as a gift...write 5 things you love about them with your favorite picture of them or both of you!  How loving is that?

FEEL GOOD because You Deserve It!  Give yourself permission to believe that you can be, do or create anything you want because you have that choice.

When you live up to your expectations this creates a mindset of courage. When you have courage your inner critic turns into self empowerment. Strive for excellence instead of perfection. Go out and set boundaries about helping others before helping yourself and get a support system instead of isolating. Share what you have learned with new and old friends and feel amazing like you should because you are enough!

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