Thursday, July 14, 2016

7 Day Refresh Your Marriage Challenge

Take a 7 day challenge!  Make this week the turning point.
IF you start now in just a few short days, your relationship will be in a different place!

Have you taken a challenge before?                          
Challenges push you out of your comfort zone and gets you excited and interactive.
If the two of you want to make your Marriage Super Sexy and Rock your Communication, this challenge is for you! 
What does a 7 day commitment give you? 

Your sense of achievement and new playful  intimate options

Closeness and reconnection

Fun dates nights at home, in your city  or beyond

Refreshing your mindset towards each other which helps to harmonize your entire family

To Start considering a7 day challenge, use Affirmations that empower you such as: 
“I am in the process of making our life amazing” 
“by taking this challenge with my partner I am making the commitment to self improvement” 
"we will embrace every challenge with excitement" 
Still not sure if a 7 day Challenge is right for you?

If we examine your inner thoughts and feelings there is an area of your life that is currently being challenged by your feelings of dissatisfaction, rejection or boredom and you and your partner are seeking a change.

Many anniversaries go by in a marriage or relationship and sometimes not much is done or said on that day or throughout the year.  If that's your situation and you would like to spritz it up with some fun date nights and more meaningful communication I invite you to take this challenge.

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