Monday, November 16, 2015

Get Inspired

Do you need to get inspired?  I will help you!

Do you realize while you’re working on your business at home or elsewhere listening to musicians on satellite radio effortlessly, you are listening to several months of commitment?  

Think about this; these bands have put their words to paper after an idea and have inserted music notes to jive.  They would have had to play around with the notes and the words for hours. They might also have to converse with producers, band members and marketing agents who they took the time to find so they could create their dreams so that you and I could enjoy their efforts. 

Their music actually helps us to create our best selves.   

Your body becomes fit, your heart feels emotion, and your work becomes fun. The atmosphere in your car, your romantic getaways and all holiday seasons of your life can be said to have been inspired by music and not to mention your kids singing in a play that makes you smile.

There is no limit to what music can do for you and that is why you should come back to appreciate how those artists took the time and the consistent effort that you are doing in your business to make things come alive.

You are no different!  When you feel stuck and alone in your business have a quick thought about all of those awesome bands you enjoy, who are pushing themselves right at this very minute to be creative and come up with their next 25 songs.

I hope this helps you to reconnect with your core, to stay on track with your desires, to know that your hard work will be enjoyed by others for years to come.  There is no reason to be stuck for long.          

I am a 70's fan with a twist of the latest dance song which gets me singing and dancing!      

The world awaits your new business! Let us know who you are and what songs inspire you in the comments below.

From Life Coach Shanon Dawn
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