Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Money Thoughts

Money Thoughts

Believe it or not the subject of money as you grew up has had a lasting effect.  
Are you aware of this?

Did you hear the following words in a negative connotation;  bill payments, can’t afford this or that; we’re not made of money?  Or could it have been that you grew up with parents that had success and they were snobby about it which made you feel uncomfortable?  Was one parent a spender and another a saver?  Were there arguments about money? All of these topics made an imprint for you which is good to keep in mind if you have children, watch how your energy of the money topic is discussed around them.
So how are you spending your money now a days? Do you spend as much as you can each week because you feel free to do so?  Do you want to look better than your colleagues or are you spending money because you’re bored so you go shopping, get manicures and dine out with friends to cure those moments?  Or have you purchase a new car instead of a used one which would make sense financially?
Does any of this resonate?
At some point we all wake up and dread checking our banking statements.  Thoughts similar to; how much is on my credit card and how much is in my savings and when is my next pay coming in makes us uptight right?  What about investments? Have you started for your retirement?

If you feel uncomfortable the solution is to face your current money situation and ask your bank questions to educate yourself of the choices available for you. Don't wait for your husband or someone else to take care of it you should learn it for yourself so you can happily pay off your debts and start saving.  The sooner you start to delegate your money in the right direction the better.
Tricks to help you save money;  I have heard to keep yourself from impulsive purchases you should leave credit cards at home frozen in a chunk of ice or cut them up.  Another great tool is to ask the bank to lower your interest rate and lower the limit of your card.

Don’t be fooled by super rich people either.  They are usually in debt with all of their extra cars and homes on lines of credit and if you compare yourself and try to keep up with their illusion, you are building debt for  your ego.
If we look at the psychology of your thoughts realize that what you focus on expands. What do I mean? I mean if you feel like spending you will go out and have a blast with or without guilt. If you focus on saving you will refrain, find the deals and keep to a budget.  Did you notice I used the word “feel” when it comes to spending?  That’s because most of us buy with emotions.  When you feel bored, insecure in your status of looks or otherwise you are likely to make a purchase to feel better.  That’s why commercials create pretty scenery for shavers as an example because they want you to think it’s amazing to shave with their product.  How funny is that?  If we examine commercials for men they build desire for expensive cars.  Which leads me to point out the fact that society gears high end products for men because they generally make more money?  Why do they make more money?  They ask for it!  It is well known that women tend to undervalue their worth in business.  

Are you frustrated yet? 

Good, you should be.  Start to take responsibility for your finances so you have more for you and your family. Start to ask for a raise when you go into a review with your company by pointing out all of your strengths and productivity that has enhanced the company.  If you work for yourself, start to charge your clients more. Get extra education to take your business to the next level. Book an appointment today with a financial advisor or bank clerk to take back your money power.  Plan for success on your terms.
Start to feel positive by ‘accepting yourself for who you are right now’ because You’re Worth It!

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